Frequently Asked Questions


How many stands can I have on my expo?


You can have as many stands as you require, there is no limit.


How do I save a link to view later?


Once you are logged in, you can at any time click the bookmark button on your remote to save the current page or presentation as a link in your very own My Expo area. To visit a bookmarked page or link at a later date, simply go to My Expo, click the link and the page or presentation will open for you.


What happens if one of my stands leave the expo?


Stands can be activated and de-activated from your main expo admin, if a stand no longer wishes to be live on the expo, you simply de-activate the stand. You also have the option to delete stands (and other content).

See how your expo is doing in figures:

  • Display statistics from and to dates you specify
  • User-friendly graphs and numbers
  • Monitor individual areas of your expo
  • Use statistics to tweak your expo content
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