About us

New technologies... new methods

Silvertrees web development has worked for over 10 years in the creation of online systems - websites, data-management and multi-media delivery. As a mechanism for instant and interactive contact with an audience, the internet has no equal, and it seemed to us a logical (and necessary) step to take one of the most expensive and  complex ways of promoting business - i.e. THE TRADE SHOW and bring it online in a simple and inexpensive way.

Our approach with the online expo system was based on our continuing work on the web and takes advantage of latest technical changes as well as recognizing the fundamental change in the way a potential audience encounters and interacts with new ideas.


Silvertrees wins innovation award 2010

Central Coast Chair of the HCCIF, Frank Sammut, presented the Central Coast Award to Silvertrees Web Development for its innovative internet based solutions for business. Derek Taylor, Industry and Investment NSW, was also recognised for his role in working with Silvertrees to develop an online expo site to coincide with the launch of the Hunter Central Coast Innovation Festival.

The Central Coast innovation expo - online:

  • Presents innovative companies on the Central Coast
  • Promotes business networking utilising expo features
  • Showcases quality presentations
  • Contains searchable resources for downloading
  • Lets you be inspired!

No virtual worlds here

The standard approach to the presentation of "real world" mechanisms online is to somehow create a fake or "virtual" version of it. In the case of the online trade show or online expo, this is cumbersome and inefficient, and rather than expanding possibilities, actually restricts what can be done. Our idea is to use the internet, new technology and what the new generation of internet users want to actually do, and present an online expo system, which satisfies all of that. 


This means, as an online expo owner you have at your finger tips the latest in usable technology - multi user chat sessions, flash video presentations, audio presentations, e-commerce with simple hookups to various payment gateways instant statistical analysis - and all of this upgraded, enhanced, improved as technology improves.


... and this is what we're all about

We work to realize people's ideas online. The internet makes it possible for virtually all businesses to establish and maintain direct contact with their customers or business partners on all sorts of levels. Creating systems that talk to the public, and also work to save time and automate office processes – and do these things in a way that is easily understood and operated … That is the key to what we do, and the future of internet development.

Chat live with your visitors:

  • Communicate with your visitors in real-time
  • A valuable Q&A tool
  • Run multiple chat sessions simultaneously
  • User-friendly interface
  • Be accessible to your visitors