• Expo Remote Control

    Take control of your expo experience with the Expo Remote! This little gadget is a powerful navigation tool...

  • Expo stats

    Find out how many visitors are accessing and viewing your expo, see reports from individual stands...

  • Live Chat

    Live Chat lets you respond to customer's questions and needs in real-time...

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This is quite possibly the most powerful online tradeshow system available, remarkably simple to manage, and completely customisable. Features range from e-commerce and  live chat, to easily tailored multi-media presentations. No special applications are required to view content and every expo is optimised automatically to allow users with lower bandwidth to still be able to take advantage of special expo features.


Administration is also simple and allows every stand to be individually managed. Most features, such as blogs, chat, e-commerce are automatically included in every participant's stand, and these items can be configured at the flick of a switch to operate as needed. Every expo is completely scalable - so you can have as many participants as you require... and for design, this too is inexpensive and easily implemented. Just send us an email and we can get you started.

Create my own expo

Create professional presentations in minutes:

  • Upload almost any filetype
  • Select from a wide range of exciting templates
  • Easy to manage and update on the go
  • 24/7 access
  • Combine multiple files in one presentation
  • Create as many presentations as you want