My Expo

My Expo

As an online expo user you have access to your very own area called 'My Expo". In here you can keep track of all the events and presentations you view, make notes, save links for later viewing and keep in touch with other expo users through the unique messaging interface.

My Expo Features

Enhance your expo experience through using the interactive My Expo feature. Every expo user has access to their very own area within the expo, where you can save page links, make notes and keep track of your message conversations with other expo users.  

  • Update and add to your personal details
  • Make personal notes using the built-in note taker 
  • Leave messages for other expo users, which they can respond to when they are online.

  • View and visit links you have bookmarked using your Expo Remote


Make your expo experience your own

My expo adds a personal touch to your expo visit, whilst at the same time helping you stay up to date with everything you want to view and keep track of on the site.