Frequently Asked Questions


I want to view the content on an expo but I'm told I need to register to view most of the pages, why can't I view them without registering?


Online expos contain a large amount of dynamic features, which allow you to communicate with other expo users, leave comments, keep track of events and more. In order to be able to use all these features you need to register. To register simply click the link in the bottom menu, then enter your name and email address + your chosen login name and password, which will give you immediate access to the expo.


How do I register for my own Expo?


You can fill out the contact application form on this site or contact us directly.


How do I use the remote?


To open the remote, simply click the link or small picture of the remote in the bottom left corner of your screen. Once you have opened the remote it will stay open (no matter where you are on the expo), and continuously update to reflect the area you are currently viewing. If you at any time wish to close the remote, simply click the red button (top left on your remote). Click the named buttons on the remote to visit different areas. View the screen on your remote and scroll through to select and go to presentations, stands, categories, My Expo and more.

The ultimate gadget for expo navigation:

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