Live Chat

Live Chat


What is Live Chat?

Live Chat is a method of responding to customer's questions and needs in real-time through the use of recent internet "chat" technology. Customer service representatives respond directly to customers through the use of online computer chat software. Live Chat has become exceedingly popular over the past couple years as a support and sales tool where the user can send and receive messages from within the web browser.


Online Expos offer the same functionality and ease of use as popular applications such as MSN, ICQ etc, with added security features safe-guarding against third-party access. The entire Live Chat interface is hosted within the site on a stand-alone server, which with all the latest security technology in place, serves to protect users and administrators alike. 



Live Chat Features

Each Stand has a built-in chat system allowing up to 12 simultaneous sessions to be run at any given time. Communicate with your visitors, answer questions, conduct surveys and much more using this innovative technology.

  • Run up to 12 sessions simultaneously at any given time.
  • Chat interface with text editing features and emoticons enabled 
  • Communicate with your visitors in real-time

  • Secure hosting offering direct access from within your stand


When access is a priority

Live Chat allows you to create sessions and be online when it suits you. You can also time your chat sessions to run at times when visitors in other parts of the world will be viewing your stand; giving your stand enhanced access with real-time feedback and the ability to walk visitors through the key areas of your business.