Online Expos offers an interactive two-dimensional visual plan of your expo, similar to those used in shopping centres. The map feature enables your visitors to navigate to stands, the auditorium and the café by simply hovering over the map and clicking where they wish to go. As a user moves their mouse across the map, stand logos and names will pop up to indicate areas of interest. Colour coded levels make the visual experience of using the map feature more exciting, emulating a sense of physical place.

Map Features

Your online expo can have multiple levels depending on the size and needs of your expo design. In addition to the map layout there is also an information centre on the right side of the map page containing links to each location on the level a user is viewing.  

  • Locate areas of interest though a visual hover-click experience.
  • View locations represented in a 2-dimensional format 
  • Business logos displayed at stand map-location 

  • Cross-linked information enabling smooth navigation 


Map navigation

The interactive map is accessible throughout your expo, ensuring your visitors never get lost.