Expo Remote

Expo Remote

Expo Remote is an innovative  interactive navigation tool, enabling a smoother and more personalised user experience. Expo Remote pops up at the bottom of your screen and will stay open for you and automatically update to reflect the area of the expo you're currently viewing. The display shows relevant links to more pages, stands and scheduled webinars as you navigate your way through the expo. 


Use the Expo Remote to navigate through stands, find presentations, keep track of scheduled events and bookmark pages you want to view later. The buttons in the Expo Remote also update depending on which area you are viewing, to allow a seamless experience with an intuitive touch. 

Simply create an account (which takes less than one minute) and start using this feature today.

Expo Remote Features

Take control of your expo experience with the Expo Remote! This little gadget is a powerful navigation tool, which will make your experience more exciting and efficient. 

  • Expo Remote updates as you navigate through the site
  • Bookmark pages for later viewing 
  • Use Expo Remote buttons to access stands, pages and presentations.

  • View current events


Innovative and interactive

Your Expo Remote gives you enhanced control over your viewing experience, all you need to do to access the feature is create an account. Creating an account takes less than a minute, and once you login you will be able to use all the features on the expo.