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Live Chat

Live Chat

With Online Expos Live Chat feature, you can make yourself available to your clients and communicate with them from anywhere in the world! 24/7 access means you can set up chat sessions to run at anytime you wish. The multi-channel feature also means that you can run several sessions simultaneously, either single-handedly or a using a team to respond to visitor enquiries. 


Easy to manage, this feature enables you to get so much more from your online expo stand. Receive instant feedback to how visitors see your site, find out what makes them tick and make any changes you see fit along the way. Respond to queries and keep the dynamic side of your stand alive and well by simply being accessible. 


Live Chat admin

  • Easy to create and name sessions from within your stand admin
  • Create multiple channels for each chat
  • Set live "from" & "to" time
  • Be online whenever it suits you

Live Chat sessions

  • Set up multiple channels and communicate with several visitors at the same time
  • User-friendly chat interface 
  • Real-time updates allow you to see when a visitor posts a comment.
  • Hosted on a stand-alone server for enhanced security

FAQ Questions 

  • How do I create a chat session?

  • How do I access a chat session?



FAQ - Answers

  • Simply login to your stand admin, click on the chat tab and click the link to add a new session - give the chat session a name and select the time you want it to be live. 
  • When your chat session is due to go live, login to your stand admin and click the chat tab followed by the list chat sessions link. In the list you will see a talk-bubble icon next to your chat, click this icon to load the chat interface. Once you have opened the chat interface, the green light will show on your stand home page, alerting visitors that Live Chat is now available.