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The statistics feature is built into every main expo and also in each stand you create. Statistics offer valuable feedback on how visitors are viewing and navigating through your expo and as such it is a highly useful tool when determining future changes. Use the feedback from your page view stats to further tweak content where needed, monitor new changes to see how your visitors are responding. 

The pie-charts and graphs give you useful data in an easy to interpret visual format.


Expo Statistics

  • Monitor page views
  • See number of visits for each main area of your expo
  • Monitor each individual stand
  • Receive useful feedback in numbers

Statistics how to

  • Login to your expo or stand admin
  • Click the statistics tab in your admin menu
  • If you are main expo - click a segment in the pie chart to view more details
  • If you are stand admin - select the dates you wish to view statistics for and view the results on the page.