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Search Engine

Search Engine

Online Expos offer a highly efficient and interactive system using the latest technology. We have incorporated  advanced search technology into the core structure of your expo, making all your content easily accessible to your visitors through the front end search feature. Specific data is also accessible to external search engines such as Google and Yahoo, which will help people outside your expo find you through search phrases they enter.


Tip: Name your presentations and other items using keyword rich phrases and add descriptive words wherever you can. Make sure that any description or keyword you add reflects the content on the page you are referring to and visitors will thank you for pointing them to valid content when they search your expo for information.


Searching your expo

  • Expo users type search words in the search box
  • Any presentation or stand page matching the search query will display on the search results page.
  • Search results are displayed as clickable links enabling users to go straight to the page they want to view.

Managing search engine

  • Enter good content descriptions where applicable
  • Associate your presentations with 'similar' presentations to enable cross-referencing of content.
  • Keyword rich content and descriptions will enable visitors to find your expo through external searches as well as enhancing their experience while viewing your online expo.