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Multimedia presentations

Multimedia presentations

If you've ever had to put together complex presentations to sell your business or products, you'll know all about the painstaking process of making it all come together whilst looking good. With Online Expos, the hard work has been done for you, and all you need to do is select from our range of exciting templates and upload your files. The presentation editor is very simple to use with prompts and instructions along the way letting you know about file types, image sizes and where various text portions will display.

Any presentation can be made into a scheduled 'webinar' allowing it to run as a live presentation on the system during the time you specify. 


Supported file types

  • Video: avi,vob,mp4,mpeg,wmv,3gp,mov,asf,rm,rmvb,flv,m4v
  • Audio: mp3
  • Image: jpg, jpeg, gif, png
  • Resources: pdf, doc, ppt, 


  • Attractive designs to show off your media
  • Preview any template to see what your presentation will look like
  • Combine multiple media types in one presentation
  • Upload as many files as you need

FAQ Questions 

  • How do I write text?

  • How do I upload my files?

  • Can I upload any image size I want?

  • How many files can I upload?

FAQ - Answers

  • Place your curser where you want and start typing. To edit text; simply select the text you wish to change and type over the top.
  • Once you have saved your presentation with a name and template, the file upload manager will appear allowing you to select and upload files from your computer.
  • To ensure your images display at their best, you will need to resize them before uploading. If you have any trouble doing this we're more than happy to assist and point you in the right direction.
  • You can upload as many files you like for each presentation.