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Why send your visitors elsewhere when you can sell your products and services directly from within your expo stand? Easy to enable and manage, eCommerce gives your stand a fully accessible online shopping facility where you can update products and track your orders on the go. 

Customers are provided with an easy step-though shopping cart, where they remain on your stand throughout the product selection and order process.


eCommerce features

  • Secure online shopping facility 
  • Add and edit products on the go
  • Provide a variety of payment options
  • Track and view orders

Manage eCommerce

  • The eCommerce feature is available in every stand and is easy to activate.
  • Set up product categories and add as many products you like.
  • Front end users can update and change items in their shopping cart prior to checking out.
  • In admin you can upload an image for each product and edit any information as needed.

FAQ Questions 

  • How do I activate eCommerce in my stand?
  • Is eCommerce secure?

  • How many products can I add to a stand?

FAQ - Answers

  • The eCommerce feature is activated in your stand profile
  • The eCommerce feature is linked to your preferred payment gateway. The system is hosted on a stand-alone server to prevent any unauthorised third party access.
  • You can add as many products as you want, there is no limit.